'I WILL GET YOU,DRAKE,I WILL!!!~Vegeta after Fighting Drake.

Drake is a fictional character that Goten17 created in Dragon Ball Wiki Ultra Dragon Ball Wiki.Drake was just
Drake arriving on Earth


on Earth,and then He met his brothers,Vegeta and Tarble."Hello,Brothers."He said."I had enough of this Rivalry,Drake..."Vegeta said."I'll kill you now."He said."TO SLOW!"Drake said as he hit Vegeta on the neck."VEGETA!"Tarble said.Then Drake went to the highest Power Level,which was NOT Vegeta.But Vegeta wasn't over.The battle with Drake and The anomomous high Power level was now at Mars,the only place they can be without blowing up Earth in a cross-fire.At this time Vegeta nor Goku can turn Super Saiyan 5,So Vegeta was a Super Saiyan 2 when he fought Drake.He was the third Most Powerful Z-warrior to die.Vegeta could not handle the power of a Legendary Super Saiyan 3.

But after Drake became anti Hero,Vegeta trained with him every day,Becoming Harder and harder for Drake to handle.

Vegeta after Drake

Vegeta hurt after Drake

To be continued...