Bardock: Hello my son. Goku:....... Turles: You, you, I hated you so much..... Bardock: You are my son, Turles, but you are the evil one. Turles: Wha? Bardock: As Kakarot was born, he had a seperate evil inside him. I didn't know this, but when Kakarot landed on his head, the evil crept out and manifested itself to a physical form. Turles, you belong inside Kakarot. Goku: But, I don't want to be evil. Bardock: It's part of you, your son, Gohan even has it, including Goten. Turles: You won't be able to get me! Bardock (teleports) Is that so? (Grabs Turles and throws him at Goku) Turles: NOOOOOOOO (goes inside Goku) Goku: (falls) Gohan and Goten: Dad! Goku: It's okay, my sons. Father? Bardock: Yes. Goku: Are you alive? Bardock:" Im alive, but I can't stay. See you later sometime!