Turles catching the beam

In hell the 2 villians Freiza and Turles had begun training. Freiza and Turles exscanged blows and then Freiza kicked and then back flipped into the air. He shot a giant purple beams at Turles, Turles caught it and then kicked it into a nearby moutain

Turles flew at Freiza and then punched him in the face and followed it up with double ax handling him to the ground. Freiza turned into his 5th Form and then began to dominate Turles. Turles turned SSJ and then fought back. He kneed Freiza in the face sending him flying. Freiza stopped himself "NO!! NOT ANOTHER SUPER SAIYAN!!!", he squated and began to power up "AAAHHHHH!!!!!".

He powered up into his fullpower 5th Form, he tried to attack Turles but he teleported behind him and punched Freiza in the back knocking him out cold. Freiza fell torwards the floor, he hit it and then Turles teleported by him and said "HAHAHAHAHAAA!!!! Just as weak as when you fought Kakarot....."