Goku and Vocazo have a nearly strong rivalry as Goku and Vegeta. As a baby, Volcazo was a Blazian sent to kill the Saiyans, however, the descending of Goku (infant) interferred, and Volcazo was sent to a distant galaxy. Training all through his life, 42 years passed, and Volcazo traveled to Planet Vegeta. Realizing it was destroyed, Volcazo roared in fury and traveled to Earth. He met Goku and tried to kill him. Goku (in Subzero Form SSJ), was able to kill him with Blizzard Kamehameha. After flying across the sky, Volcazo landed in an active volcano, and became stronger than ever. He returned to kill Goku again, and Goku was pushed to SZ SSJ3. They were equal until Goku used the Super Snowstorm Dragon Fist to kill him. He was forced to live in Dragon Fist, and soon, his powers transferred to Goku, which awoke the Lava Goku.

SZ Goku SSJ vs Volcazo

SZ SSJ Goku vs Volcazo

Subzero Goku SSJ3 vs Blaze Volcazo

Meteor Volcazo vs SSJ3 SZ Goku