Rek vs. Septyr: The First Battle[1]EditEdit

The first battle of Rek and Septyr was an important battle in DB Legends. Septyr started the battle by shooting an energy wave at Rek. Rek retaliated with a punch, followed by a series of melee attacks. Septyr used the Galik Gun Technique, and Rek went flying. Rek was badly injured, and Septyr was out of breath. Rek was in such bad shape. he knew he had to something quick. He could barely stand up, and then it happened. Rek became a Super Saiyan, and he used a new attack "Plasma Cannon!" he yelled, and he shot an energy wave at Septyr, badly injuring him and his pride.

Rek vs. Septyr 2Edit

Rek has been a Super Saiyan for around three months now. And Septyr is training to become a Super Saiyan, then ascend another level, but hasn't made any progress. Rek wanted to fight someone, so he challenged Septyr to another battle, saying it could give Septyr some more training. By this time, they've become Friends, but they're still rivals. Septyr agreed, thinking he'd win this time since he's been training and since he's one year older than Rek. Septyr starts off the battle with a Fire Flash, already injuring Rek and giving him burns. Rek then uses Plasma Cannon and hits Septyr. Rek then comes closer and uses continuous Melee attacks. Septyr is injured badly, and he can't take the fact that Rek is stronger. He screams in rage, his hair turns yellow, his eyes turn green, and he a Super Saiy
Super Saiyan Kid Trunks by Kazmedia

Septyr Super Saiyan

an. After the transformation, he easily wins the fight, making the score 1-1

Rek Super Saiyan