One day (before the events of DBZ, probably around the Piccolo Jr Saga) the Ginyu Force was training for a upcoming mission when Jeice brought up the idea of the members fighting each other to see who could be second in command behind Ginyu. The others were all up for it and quickly got down to it. Recoome easily defeated Guldo, and Burter beat Recoome.

It was down to Burter and Jeice.

"All right, Burter. It's time we had a go." Jeice said.

"Right. Let's do it!" said Burter.

They charged at each other. Burter socked Jeice in the jaw and sent him flying then appeared behind him and smashed him to the ground. "Heh, that was pretty good. But the thing is, I really don't want to sustain this any longer."

Jeice dashed towards Burter and punched him in the gut. He then spun around and kicked him in the face then blasted him. He teleported behind him and Burter turned around just in time to see Jeice preparing his Crusher Ball.

"Sorry, mate."

Jeice threw the ball and Burter tried to dodge it but accidentaly teleported into it.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!! You got me, Jeice!! But not next time!!!"

After the fight, Burter was taken to a healing pod and Jeice was declared second in command.