Finally, I found Kakarot's power level! And others. I better go faster. Dad you feel that?, Goten says. Goku says, " I do feel that." I'm Baaaaack. Turles appears. Turles! How did you.... Yeah I know, survive. Well, I'm a saiyan, so I can survive things like that. Now, this time (turns SSJ), I WILL KILL YOU! He charges at Goku and punches him. Goku charges back in SSJ2 form and hits Turles back. They end up in a fury of punches. Gohan says, "It's no use, Turles and Dad are equal. Maybe if I stepped in..." Goku then kicks Turles to the ground. So you are stronger than me, but not for long, Turles then turns SSJ3. Goku, Gohan, and Goten yell WHAT! Yes, I am finally stronger than you and there is nothing stronger than this. Goku then turns SSJ3. There, now we are equal. What? Gohan turns Mystic and knocks Turles into the wall. What? No way. This time Turles, I will kill you. Well now, is that it? Turles creates a ball and turns into a great ape SSJ3. Now, I will turn into the legendary SSJ4! Goku says no and turns SSJ4. Well, now we are equal. Let's fight! Goku and Turles fight to the death. Goku yells, Gohan! Stall Turles so I can create a Spirit Bomb! Turles says, Not that trick. Gohan begins htting Turles, but Turles dodges every punch. Goten begins getting mad, and goes SSJ2. He jumps in and tries to hit Turles. Turles can barely dodge both of their punches. With the Spirit Bomb half-finished, Goku needs someone else to help. At that moment, a mysterious figure appears. The new page will be coming. Soon. Why am I talking like this?