Turles looks for Goku after he defeated Vegeta and Trunks. However, Piccolo interrupts. Turles said, "Get out of my way Namekian!" Piccolo answers, "I'm not a normal Namekian, so you'll have a hard time." Turles says, "I don't think so." They start fighting. Turles punches Piccolo to the ground. Piccolo shoots Turles with a special beam cannon. Turles teleports, and blasts Piccolo in the stomach. Piccolo regenerates. Turles says, "I see your power level fell. This will be easy." Piccolo extends his arm, but Turles grabs it and throws Piccolo to the ground. Turles walks towards him and says, "This will be just like last time. Except when I fight Kakarot." Turles blasts Piccolo, killing him. Turles flies away. Tien, Chaotzu, Yamcha, and Krillin pick up his power. They fly right in front of Turles. Turles asks, "Why do you even bother? You' re the weakest of all of them." Tien says, "We're not weak." Turles says, "Well, let me show you why you are weak." Turles kicks everyone of them unconscious. Turles says, "Finally! The last of the goons. Now I can focus on Kakarot." He flies away. Yeah!