Goku faught Turles on one of the earliest movies of DBZ. He was defeated by the Spirit Bomb. However, the fight

Goku vs Turles

Goku vs Turles (original)

wasn't over. After years, Turles fell from the sky to the ground. Crippled and weak, he wanted to heal himself. He found a sensu bean on the ground and ate it. Turles powered up, roaring, "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!" He quickly found Vegeta's power level and flew away. At the Briefs' house, Vegeta was taking a nap while Trunks was playing video games. Vegeta suddenly woke up. Trunks asked, "What's up Father?" Vegeta said, "I feel a very large power level coming this way." Vegeta and Trunks went outside to see. Turles came close enough for them to see. He landed on the front yard right in front of Trunks and Vegeta. He said, "So, Vegeta, you decided to live on this pathetic rock. And now you have a brat." Vegeta responds, "Why you low-class scum. How dare you offend my descendant! Now you will pay!" Vegeta goes SSJ and charges at Turles. Turles goes SSJ and blasts him. Vegeta dodges the blast. Vegeta said, "Is that all you got?" Turles appears behind him and says, "No." He kicks Vegeta onto the ground. Trunks yells, "Father!" Trunks goes SSJ and charges at him. Turles punches him in the stomach and kicks him on the ground. Vegeta shoots a big bang attack at him. Turles catches the attack and throws it back at him. Vegeta is defeated and goes out of SSJ state. Turles said, "Now to find Kakarot."