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Note: This takes place during Future Trunks' final battle against the Androids before going to the past

Future Gohan SSJ

Gohan arrives to help Trunks

Trunks rushed to fight the Androids, but couldn't win. Then he saw Gohan (Future) together the 2 of them destroyed the Androids. Gohan revealed that Baba let him
Buster Cannon

Trunks fires the Buster Cannon

return for a day to stop the Android. Then Trunks decided to have one last fight with Gohan before he left forever. Gohan and Trunks matched each other blow for blow. Gohan fired a Masenko which Trunks dodged and countered
Future Gohan Kamehameha

Future Gohan fires a Kamehameha at Future Trunks

by using a Buster Cannon. Trunks almost beat Gohan with this, but he stood back up and fired a Kamehameha. Both were completly drained out, and the fight ended in a tie. Gohan went back to Otherworld and Trunks thanked him for everything.