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Baby had gained control of Vegeta and was attacking Goku then Gohan and Goten regained there sense, but where still had the power from Baby. Gohan and Goten fired a Kamehameha at Baby Vegeta at the same time.
Baby Gohan

Baby Gohan repalling against Baby Vegeta

Baby countered with a Big Bang Attack. Both Gohan and Goten got knocked down by the blast, but they got back up. Goten and Gohan started struggling against
Universal Spirit Bomb

Goku defeats Baby.

Baby's control. Baby Vegeta then attacked them. They regained control. Gohan and Goten attacked baby again. Goku took this oppurtonity to charge a Spirit Bomb. Gohan and Goten kept fighting Baby then Goku told them to move and Piccolo came and moved them. Goku fired the Spirit Bomb, but Piccolo new that Baby would move out of the way so he grapped on to Baby to hold him still as soon as Goku fired the Spirit Bomb killing Piccolo and Baby.